Toppings make the burger. Face it: grilled beef generally tastes like ground beef, and the difference between individual burgers is how well it is cooked and how fresh the beef is. Some people are fine with this, but most prefer to enhance their ground beef with specially prepared veggies. This makes the way you make the toppings important. Here are a few ways to make them that will cause your burgers to stand out.

Griddle Recipes for Burger Toppings

Grilled Onions

Slice your onions into thin circles and then melt butter on your grill. Cook the onions on this surface with cooking wine until the onions are tender. It makes a big difference in the type of onions you use, incidentally, so consider the following onions.

Vidalias are purple and sweet, so they give a decadent feel to any burger they top.

Yellow onions are less sweet and pair well with other vegetable toppings.

Bell Pepper Burger Toppings

Cut bell peppers in thin strips (julienne, if you will) and cook in olive oil with minced garlic or alone. Bell peppers are sweet and lovely when they are charbroiled, but much harder to cut up once they are cooked.

Red peppers are sweetest and the green bell peppers have a mild kick, so choosing different peppers changes the taste of your burgers. Mixing the peppers together can give you even more nuance.

Burger Toppings


Button mushrooms bring an earthy touch to hamburgers. Slice them nice and thin, slice yellow onions into thin circle, and cook them with butter and cooking wine until the vegetables are tender. You can switch these up with different types of onions and mushrooms, and these can give your hamburgers a delightful twist.

Of course, the most important point to remember when you are making toppings and burgers is to make them to a high level of quality. The best way to make sure that your burgers and vegetables are moist and tasty is to cook them with the Steam Shell griddle. The special steam and instant recovery technology will ensure quality, so if you are looking to make the best burgers with the best toppings, contact us.