Many restaurants invest in griddles. And make no mistake, it is an investment. Buying the right one can contribute substantially to your restaurant’s success. That is why you might want to consider a steam griddle. There are three advantages to them.


The steam lid provides a cooking surface where the temperature is the same throughout the medium. This is a huge step in avoiding food poisoning. When you cook a big batch of food, there is always the risk that some of the items will be in cold spots. This leads to some things being taken off the griddle before they are cooked through, which gives the chance for bacteria to stay in the food. Hot spots on the griddle surface also cause problems. They burn the outside of the product before the inside of the product gets cooked through. It is easy to get confused and serve this partially cooked item to people, risking food poisoning.

Steam Lid Speed

One big complaint that will come back to haunt a restaurant owner is long wait times. People come hungry and don’t want to take forever to remedy that. It behooves a cook to be fast. Electrical and gas cooking mediums have to heat up before they heat food, but steam heats immediately and starts cooking quickly. This cuts down on wait times by as much as 50%. You will have time to make your plating beautiful and take a breath between orders.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are a finicky lot. They can decide that they desperately need kale in all their dishes one moment and then that only beef steak will do the next. For all their inconsistency, they always want their food to be full of flavor, feel tender in their mouth, and retain their juices. They also want it all quickly and looking pretty. That’s a tall order to pull together in ever-changing menus. The versatile steam lid ensures that food retains its moisture, never feels overcooked, and comes to the table on time consistently.

If your restaurant could benefit from a steam lid, contact us. We can help.