The raw food movement shows no signs of leaving, and it’s an easy option to add to a range of dishes and sides. Proponents of the diet argue that raw food contains more enzymes and nutrients that our bodies need and which cooking can start to break down. Sometimes this is true, but there are quite a few vegetables and foods that actually improve with heat.

Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables that are improved by boiling and steaming:

  • Tomatoes, because steaming and breaking down the plant material helps our digestive systems tap into increased levels of lycopene,
  • Vegetables with a lot of cellulose, such as celery, which our bodies aren’t equipped to fully break down, and
  • Common soup and side vegetables including spinach, asparagus and peppers, and carrots and mushrooms. Steaming actually preserves the antioxidants that colorful vegetables are known for without being canceled out in oxidizing cooking processes like frying.


How can you turn good health into good business?

Most people think restaurant meals are much less healthy than home-cooked meals, and that’s for good reason: most restaurants use larger portions and heavier amounts of fats and oils to make sure their customers enjoy the food and come back again. But as people turn more and more restaurants in lieu of cooking at home, you can turn healthy food into a marketable twist by just talking about the benefits.

When you offer steamed vegetables, include a blurb about the carotenoids that help boost vitamin A or about how lycopene reduces the risk of heart attacks. People like reading about health information especially if there’s an easy choice they can feel good about and learning a bit of information that builds on their knowledge without being frustrating can actually make customers happier than fatty food. Go to American Griddle for how to incorporate steam cooking in your kitchen and other benefits of our Steam Shell Griddle.