We have tackled one of the biggest issues facing kitchens across the globe. Grilling that perfect steak or chop to a uniform temperature is no longer an issue with our patented Steam Lid. Covering your steak with a pan or putting a weight on your chicken to produce a faster cook time is a thing of the past. At American Griddle we have made numerous improvements to the grilling process.

  1. With our steam surface technology and steam lid you can cook both sides of the meat at the same time resulting in faster cook times, and improved speed of service.
  2. Our Steam Lid cooks your food to a guaranteed, consistent temperature every single time.
  3. With the Steam Lid, heat is distributed evenly throughout the entire grill allowing your products to retain all moisture, keeping the delicious juices inside.
  4. Allow yourself to cook multiple products at the same time with our Steam Lid. Each piece of meat will grill individually within the lid resulting in perfect quality every time.
  5. With something like this, your kitchen will have the cutting edge technology separating you from the competition. Amaze your guests with the five-star quality you want, and your guests demand.

steam lid

American Griddle’s patented steam shell technology has revolutionized the foodservice industry. The Steam Shell Griddle uses circulating steam to heat the griddle surface. With a consistent and steady source of heat, this means no more hot and cold spots. Food products are able to be cooked under uniform temperatures, creating a better tasting and more consistent experience.  The constant, even heat also means no more spikes or extreme drops in temperature. Additional benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles include faster cook times, uniform temperatures, consistent results, and instant recovery. Contact us for more information, and so we can show you what the American Griddle Steam Shell and Steam Lid will do for you and your team.