The American Griddle Corporation announces that Director of Sales, John Benner, will be meeting and presenting at RestaurantSpaces 2019. The three-day event will feature pre-scheduled presentations and one-on-one appointments with chain restaurant executives and suppliers. Located inside the historic Eden Roc Hotel, RestaurantSpaces 2019 takes place February 24-26. Mr. Benner is scheduled to present and meet with potential customers throughout the convention.

The American Griddle Corporation is pleased to announce that Director of Sales, John Benner, will be in attendance for RestaurantSpaces 2019. This invite-only event takes place February 24-26 in Miami Beach, Florida at the Eden Roc Hotel.

The Steam Griddle, by American Griddle, can dramatically reduce cook times by over 50%. Consistent results are achieved through precise temperatures spread across every square inch of the usable griddle surface. Plus, the optional patented Steam Shell lid can not only decrease cook times without sacrificing quality but also help to retain the flavor and natural moisture of food products.

About the American Griddle Corporation:

American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell Technology has revolutionized the food service industry. By utilizing Steam Shell Technology, foods can be cooked with uniform temperatures, creating better tasting and more consistent results. Products are cooked from the top and bottom simultaneously, retaining all of the natural moisture and flavors that make your food taste great. Users experience benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles, such as consistent and faster cook times, no cross-flavoring and instant recovery. For more information, call 800-428-6550 or visit