Restaurant kitchens are all about making the impossible happen. Whether you’re short on space, short on time, or short on experienced cooks, being able to work around obstacles or shortages is part of the job. But no matter what’s on your checklist for improving your kitchen, American Griddle’s Steam Shell Griddle can help you accomplish it.¬†

What is your kitchen short on?

  • Time: Most restaurants have a tight schedule. Orders need to come out almost as soon as they’re written down, and cooking proteins to the right temperature and specifications take time. But the Steam Shell Griddle can cut cook times in half. Due to the consistent heat and steam shell lid, both of which evenly apply heat throughout the bottom of the ingredients but also heat up the top, even poultry can be cooked in a flash.
  • Space: American Griddle evenly distributes heat to the bottom of your cooktop surface. This means you can put chilled ingredients on the griddle without disturbing the temperature of the surface around it. That gives your cooks more¬†room to prepare and heat ingredients instead of establishing a space-wasting perimeter around each ingredient. In fact, a three-foot Steam Shell Griddle can handle the volume of a traditional griddle.
  • Cooks: All new cooks need training. But the Steam Shell Griddle’s technology allows for a healthy margin of error as your cooks are learning the recipes. Because of the Steam Shell lid, ingredients can be cooked more quickly but without the risk of overheating, and your new staff doesn’t have to learn the temperamental quirks of traditional griddles that often have patches of irregular temperature.


No matter what your restaurant is short on, American Griddle can help you keep your business growing and your kitchen turning out meal after a fantastic meal. Click here to learn more about the Steam Shell Griddle and how it will fit in your kitchen.