American Griddle and great tasting quality eggs, this guide illustrates cooking an egg in less than one minute. Not only are eggs are a great source of proteins, they also supply essential amino acids. The American Griddle Company’s Steam Shell Griddle can cook most types of eggs in less than one minute. With our Steam Shell Lid, eggs retain their flavor and texture better than on traditional griddles. With a continuous source of heat, the Steam Shell Griddle features no hot or cold spots only an even surface temperature.


Fried 2 Eggs-Under 1 Minute

Omelet 3 Eggs-Under 1 Minute

Scrambled 2 Eggs- Under 1 Minute

Cooking with unpredictable temperatures can cause over/under cooking and affect the overall quality of your product. While the surface area of a conventional griddle suffers temperature variation, the Steam Shell Griddle provides consistent results.  In our competitive recovery test, we repeatedly loaded ice on to the same area of the griddle. American Griddle’s Steam Shell griddle melted 3 pounds of ice in just 7 minutes, while competitive griddles only managed to melt 1.5 pounds. Against a heavy load of ice, the Steam Shell Griddle continues to hold an accurate and consistent temperature.


American Griddle’s patented steam shell technology has revolutionized the food service industry. The Steam Shell Griddle uses circulating steam to heat the griddle surface. With a consistent and steady source of heat, this means no more hot and cold spots. Food products are able to be cooked under uniform temperatures, creating a better tasting and more consistent experience. The constant, even heat also means no more spikes or extreme drops in temperature. Additional benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles include, faster cook times, uniform temperatures, consistent results and instant recovery. Contact American Griddle for more information and see how the steam shell can work for you!