The American Griddle Company’s Steam Shell Griddle provides golden brown results every time. Often times, when cooking foods such as pancakes, French toast, and many types of grilled sandwiches, it can be difficult to obtain that consistent golden brown look. Rather than serve multicolored and different looking products, restaurants will often make multiple batches and simply match the foods that appear similar.    

While there are many tips and suggestions has how to avoid dark spots and discoloring such as adding beaten egg whites or a carbonated beverage to the batter. There are also numerous ideas as to coating the cooking surface with canola or olive oil. Attaining that “just perfect” look can be as simple as cooking on the right surface.

American Griddle

The Steam Shell Griddle by the American Griddle Company provides an even cooking surface with no temperature variations. Using steam to heat the griddle surface provides an even and constant temperature. Breads and pancakes are cooked thoroughly from top to bottom simultaneously. With no more hot and cold spots, discrepancies with discoloration or browning are a thing of the past.



1-2oz.-1-2 Minutes

French Toast

2-3oz.-3 Minutes

Grilled BLT

7-8oz.-5 Minutes

Grilled Cheese

4.5oz.-2 Minutes

Reuben Sandwich

7-8oz-4 Minutes

Pattie Melt

4oz.-4 Minutes


12inch-Under 1 Minute

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