Looking for ways to improve the food quality of your cooking? Whether you’re a newbie cook or an old one, there is always room for improvement. Use these tips to achieve better food quality.

Prepare In Advance

How many times have you started cooking something, only to suddenly realize that you’re missing a key ingredient in the recipe? Always make sure you’re prepared. Set out all of your ingredients before you start cooking. It’s a good idea to check your pantry before you go out shopping so you can pick up anything you’ll need to prepare your next meals.

Keep the Spices Fresh

The quality and freshness of your spices and oils will have a big impact on how your food comes out. If your spices are old and/or have lost their fragrance, throw them out and buy new ones. Don’t use the same bottle of spices for five years straight; it’s worth it to pay a few dollars for a new one. Make sure to store your spices and oils in the right atmosphere to keep them fresh.

Food Quality

Follow the Recipe

In the beginning, follow the recipe exactly. It’s there for a reason. Each time you make the same dish, you can experiment with different spices and quantities of ingredients until you find the recipe that suits your taste perfectly.

Use an American Griddle

The equipment you use to cook your food has a lot to do with how it will come out. The Steam Shell Griddle by the American Griddle Company is designed to cook your food so that it comes out at the highest quality possible. It makes sure to distribute the cooking temperature evenly, which ensures that your food comes out just as it’s supposed to.

About the American Griddle Corporation: American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell Technology has revolutionized the foodservice industry. By utilizing Steam Shell Technology, foods can be cooked with uniform temperatures, creating better tasting and more consistent results. Products are cooked from the top and bottom simultaneously, retaining all of the natural moisture and flavors that make your food taste great. Users experience benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles, such as consistent and faster cook times, no cross-flavoring and instant recovery.