Eggs are great fare. They can be both sweet and savory, and they can be mixed with just about anything to make a delicious meal. What makes it even better is making them on a steam lid griddle. Here is how.

Cheese Egg Omelet

Omelets are both simple and fancy because they taste wonderful but require only two ingredients. Making them is a three-step process. You scramble two eggs with a touch of salt and pepper until they are bubbly and pale and then pour it on the flat surface. Flip it after a few minutes when it is golden. Sprinkle Swiss cheese down the center, fold over the edges, and give it a minute. You can add pre-chopped vegetables to the Swiss cheese if the vegetables are cut paper-thin and tiny. Flip it again and wait until it is fully golden. The steam lid will keep the eggs nice and moist, and the even temperature will ensure that your cheese will be melted thoroughly.


French Toast

The key to great French toast is picking the right type of bread. Thick and sweet types of bread are the best type. Scramble the eggs with cinnamon and sugar (just a pinch) until the eggs are pale. Soak the bread thoroughly in the egg and fry it on the griddle until it is golden and firm. The even temperature of the surfaces will ensure that it firms up and turns out golden quickly. The steam cooking will keep the bread moist.

There are many more egg recipes that you can cook up on the griddle. The even temperature helps cook things thoroughly which keeps things together and beautifully colored. If you have many eggs to cook and you want your food to look beautiful, a steam lid griddle can help you achieve this. For more information, contact us.