With the American Griddle, consumers are able to enjoy food that is heated evenly and consistently. The griddle’s steam-heated surface assures that dishes are cooked properly and effectively!

Why Settle?

Today, a lot of modern-day cooking appliances are lackluster and fail to evenly distribute heat. The undeniable advantage of the American Griddle is the Steam Shell technology. This advanced approach greatly improves food quality by neither undercooking or overcooking dishes—giving you that perfect tenderness and flavor that you deserve.

Our company understands the importance of dependability and product resilience. Therefore the American Griddle is able to quickly cook food, while equally using a self-sustaining heat circulation method.


The American Griddle is error-proof, which effectively eliminates the possibility of spontaneous cooking errors. By equaling distributing heat and having a cooking plate that gives you the exact temperature of your culinary creation, cook times are constant. The steam shell lid provides instant recovery, consistency, perpetual moistness, and of course, FAST cook times.

American Griddle

We realize it can be stressful having to constantly adjust the heat while cooking. A lot of people get tired of having to adjust the burners on their stove or lower the oven when it gets too hot. The American Griddle takes all the guesswork out of cooking. A consistent flow of steam gives your dish a precise and localized temperature that does not permit overcooked or undercooked dishes. Meaning, the temperature controller is always 100% accurate!

This is an excellent opportunity to double down in your business. Make a statement. With a steam shell griddle, you will have an opportunity to use the most technologically advanced contraption on the market!

What Are You Waiting For?

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