When preparing chicken it is extremely important to ensure proper internal temperature as well as appropriate handling techniques. Under-cooked and raw chicken can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella. It is essential that chicken is cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees to prevent these types of food poisonings. Using a food thermometer can measure the internal temperature of the chicken and prevent under-cooking. It is also important that chicken is never “pre” cooked; this can cause additional bacteria to spread.


When preparing chicken, it is equally important to follow proper handling techniques. You should never wash the poultry before cooking. This can spread bacteria to areas around your sink and countertop. Additionally, you should also thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap after handling raw poultry.

  • Reach 165 Degree Internal Temperature
  • Thoroughly Wash Hands after Handling
  • Never Wash Chicken before Cooking
  • Carefully Clean Cooking and Preparation Areas
  • Never Partially Cook Chicken

Typical baking methods for chicken can take up to 45 minutes to an hour to cook, whereas classic grilling methods can take 20 minutes. With the American Griddle Company’s Steam Shell Griddle, chicken can be cooked in half the time without overcooking or drying out. With our patented Steam Shell Lid, poultry is cooked evenly while retaining moisture and flavor.


Chicken Breast

4oz-4 Minutes

5oz-5 Minutes

6oz-6 Minutes


6oz-6 Minutes


10oz-20 Minutes

Quarters Marinated

10oz-16/18 Minutes

American Griddle’s patented steam shell technology has revolutionized the food service industry. The Steam Shell Griddle uses circulating steam to heat the griddle surface. With a consistent and steady source of heat, this means no more hot and cold spots. Food products are able to be cooked under uniform temperatures, creating a better tasting and more consistent experience.  The constant, even heat also means no more spikes or extreme drops in temperature. Additional benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles include, faster cook times, uniform temperatures, consistent results and instant recovery.