The three most important factors of cooking ribs well are: Time – plenty of it —-Temperature – very low— and Moisture – the more the better!

Ribs are cooked to perfection with the Steam Shell Griddle by the American Griddle Company. Utilizing the continuous and even heat provided by the Steam Shell Griddle thoroughly cooks the ribs without exposing them to hot flame or high radiant heats.

The Steam Shell Lid locks in flavors and increases heat retention, while also cooking the product in up to half the time.  Increased moisture and added flavorful will make your ribs perfect every time.


Pork Ribs

Spareribs, cut from the underbelly of the pig, are most widely available type of ribs. They’re the least meaty and most fatty of all pork ribs and contain long rib bones with a thin covering of meat on the outside and between the ribs. Although they have the least meat, they are considered the most flavorful due to the amount of fat.

St. Louis-Style Ribs are amongst the most popular type of ribs. This form of ribs are a further trimmed sparerib with the breastbone removed as well as cartilage and rib tips, creating a rectangular shaped rack of ribs.

Back Ribs, also known as loin back ribs or baby back ribs (when small), are short, easy to hold, and meatier than spareribs. Containing loin meat, Back Ribs are less fatty and usually smaller, a whole rack of back ribs weigh between 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 pounds. Baby back ribs are a narrower slab of Back Ribs cut from the rib end and are sometimes called riblets.  These are increasingly popular due to their flavor and price.

Country-Style Ribs are cut from the shoulder end of the loin and have the highest meat-to-bone ratio with the least amount of fat. Often times, Country-Style Ribs are mistaken for pork chops – because you usually need a knife and fork to eat them.


Beef Ribs

Back Ribs are the large bones left when a standing rib roast is cut to make a boneless rib eye roast. The ribs are trimmed and divided into single-rib portions. The meat in Beef Back Ribs is very tender, although there is not as much of it as other types of ribs.

Short Ribs, cut from the shoulder, are a rectangular rack of ribs. Short Ribs contain a cross section of rib bones, with layers of lean meat and fat alternate throughout the ribs.

Flanked-Style Ribs are from the same area of the cow and are very similar to short ribs. Cut lengthwise rather than between the ribs, Flanked-Style Ribs contain the most meat of short ribs.

Lamb Ribs

Lamb Riblets are cut from the breast and contain a long and narrow rib bones with meat and fat layers. These types of ribs are very tender but also small. While not common in America cuisine, Lamb Riblets are extremely popular in middle eastern and some Asian countries.

Exotic Ribs

There are several types of exotic ribs including buffalo, elk, and venison. The taste and amount of meat on these types of ribs varies as does the fat content.  Buffalo and Venison Ribs tend to be the leanest types of ribs of the three with Elk Ribs tending to be the driest.

When cooking or grilling Ribs, you can tell they are done when you can loosen, or wiggle, the bone from the meat with little or no effort.  At this point the meat should be very tender. Ribs take seasoning well and are delicious sauced or covered with a spice rub.

The American Griddle’s advantage of steam grilling is that you can start saucing your ribs earlier than on standard grill systems. You can baste your ribs the entire time you cook or rethermalize. With Steam Shell Technology, sugars will not readily burn, as they will on a conventional grill.

Many Chefs par cook their ribs hours or even a day before, and rethermalize them in just a few minutes with our Steam Shell Griddle. Flavors and Sauces are enhanced and ribs turn out juicy and tender.