As a restaurant owner, you probably worry about how good your food is. Love of food is the reason you got into the industry in the first place, and you know how fast poor quality food can negatively affect your business. Fortunately, the Steam Shell Griddle uses a steam heating method that ensures even heating across the griddle surface, and this improves the food in your restaurant in 3 important ways.

Even Temperature Distribution Improves Food Safety

The first thing every food safety class covers is the temperature safety zone and the temperature that food needs to reach for safe consumption. A griddle with no cold spots on the cooking surface leads to food with no cold spots. Nothing has a chance to leave the ideal temperature before it reaches the customer.


Food Cooks Simultaneously 

Grilling is all about timing. Something hot off the griddle tastes better and has a better texture than something that had to sit a few minutes on a plate or stayed a little too long on a heat source. With even temperature distribution, there is no time for one element of a dish to cool or burn while another element cooks. You don’t have to move food around the griddle, either, to make sure that everything has reached the appropriate level of thoroughness. This frees your line chefs to make sure the whole meal is perfect, instead of struggling to bring one slow part of the meal to perfection while the rest congeals.


Even Temperature Distribution Means No More Poking Food

Poking food as it cooks interferes with the natural goodness of the ingredients. If you have to move something around on a griddle, you risk browning food unevenly and tearing bits of the food. The steam heating system of the Steam Shell Griddle allows for instant temperature recovery on the entire surface, so you never have to move anything, and the browning will be as even as possible.

American Griddle thinks that every restaurant should have a shot at the great food quality that can come from even temperature distribution, so contact us if you would like to find out more about our griddle.