Vegetables used to just be a side or quick salad in restaurants. But plants are coming more and more into prominence. Whether your catering to a vegetarian-heavy demographic or your area is focused on heart health, a wide variety of vegetable dishes need to be on the menu. Here are three ways to do it:

Keep your vegetables visible.

Most dishes with vegetables tend to keep the plants hidden. There are multiple reasons for this. In prior years, and especially in fast food restaurants, your customers may not have really wanted vegetables. They’d order them, but they didn’t want to taste or see them. That’s no longer the case. Change up your menu to include options that keep the vegetables part of the main focus.

Part of the problem was also that cooked vegetables don’t look the most appealing. Make sure your griddle can grill, char, and steam them to visual perfection.


Steam them to keep the calorie count low.

Cooking methods can add extra calories if you let them. Frying vegetables adds a lot of oil. Sautéing adds a few extra calories, too. Even methods of cooking that don’t require fats or oils, like boiling, mean that you need to add lost flavor back in. But steaming the vegetables keeps the good flavor locked inside. Steaming is also a buzzword, so your customers will be looking for it.

Use different cooking methods instead of different ingredients.

Restaurants need to make ends meet, but a diverse array of fresh ingredients gets expensive quickly. While you’re rolling out new menu items, it can be impossible to accurately predict demand. So instead of offering dishes that have a wide variety of ingredients, serve a smaller variety with different preparation methods. If your kitchen can grill, steam, fry, and roast, you can offer a large plant-based menu without over-complicating your pantry.

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