3 Benefits of American Griddle’s Steam Lid. For years cooks have covered products with pans in an effort to retain moisture and decrease cook times with the creation of steam under the pan. While this method has proven to be fairly effective, it’s also very inconsistent and awkward. The Steam Shell Griddle has advanced upon this grilling method by creating a consistent and practical means of grilling with steam and eliminating all of the guesswork. Steam is consistently dispersed above the food causing it to condense directly on it, locking in natural moisture and eliminating the risk of overcooking or drying out. Plus, being able to cook from both sides means cook times can be cut in half and food gets to your customer in record time.

Faster Cook Time

Saving time is a huge benefit of the steam lid. It offers the option to lock in the steam around the food being cooked, this allows the food to be cooked from all sides at the same time. Cooking faster does not always mean healthier, but in the case of the steam lid, this is possible. According to this article, steam cooking allows broccoli to retain more nutrients when compared to other cooking methods (i.e. boiling, stir-fry, stir-fry/boiled, microwaved). When it comes to cooking, it helps cook faster and retain more nutrients.

The Steam Lid Retains Moisture

steam lid

The steam lid allows food to retain its moisture and allows a cook to not worry about drying out those finicky chicken breasts. By condensing the water directly on the food, the lid gives food its moisture back instead of evaporating it into the air. Many customers prefer food that is moist, rather than dry, it helps retain that moisture and may keep customers happy. When using a griddle, the lid gives the option to cook moist, nutrient-dense foods that may give you a leg up on the competition.

Easy to Use

Using the steam lid is easy to use even for beginner cooks. Once installed, you will simply lower the lid over the food and begin utilizing the power of steam! Cooking with steam is faster than open griddle style cooking, adjust the cooking times accordingly. Instead of finding another pan or lid to help steam food, the steam lid is already attached to the griddle and just needs to be lowered down. The clear glass on the lid acts as a window, giving the ability to see your foods cook and to better tell when they are finished.

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